I had (more than a) reading the other day with Declan. He is intuitive, thoughtful and compassionate. Together we went on a journey of discovery, control to lightness of being, heaviness to joy, fear to practical suggestions.
There was an easy flow to our conversation. And when I started to speak of the cards pulled, essentially doing my own reading – he went with it. How beautiful – part of letting me trust my inner guidance. He gave some very poignant suggestions based on the cards that were useful and gave me food for thought. By the end of the reading I was feeling lighter, hopeful and more joyful.
Thank you Declan for your gifts, your community is blessed to have you in their midst.
Erin Miller – Guide for Being in Thy Heart

Erin - Washington

Declan Kavanagh IS a REMARKABLE CONDUIT for the DIVINE! I recently had a Magical Skype Session with Declan, where I was the recipient of an Angel Card Reading. Not only did Declan tap into four of the Angels I AM currently working with, but he also took me on a very Special Healing Journey where Nikola Tesla and Archimedes showed up as my Guides!! I feel inspired and in my joy after having had this experience, which really amplified my connection to these Angels and Guides, and provided me with a very intimate connection to the Source of All That IS!! Declan IS a wonderful facilitator, who was the catalyst for my grounding to Our Great Earth Mother, which allowed me to Soar High into the Cosmos with Father Sky! It IS an honor and a pleasure to share my experience with you, so that you, too can take your own Journey with Declan!
I AM Grateful for You and Your Gifts, Declan!
Love and Light to You, in Abundance, Dear One!
~ Chrissy Cook, Divine Love Alchemist, Modern Mystic, International Speaker, Giver of Deeksha: the Oneness Blessing, Author and Support Team Member for Akasha International and BlissLife Press and Ordained Interfaith Angel Minister

Chrissy Cook