When I was fifteen or sixteen I used to have an invisible friend that warned me at times in my life about upcoming events or different places. It was never a case that I was told that I had to do these things but it was more that I was being given guidance. It saved me in many situations when I was working on the cargo ships where this little voice would be advising me to clear out of a situation or a pub or a place in a town. One time I was drinking in a bar and I kept getting nudges for me to leave and bring my friends away with me. Later that night we heard that a gunman had entered the pub and that a shooting had occurred. This was in California back when life was quicker and cheaper and Saturday nights could be the end of lives for no reason.

Coming back to Ireland, I started to question the thoughts and information I was being given. My own background as an Irish Catholic was also a prohibitive influence in me accepting these voices and messages. Many people around me at the time would have told me this was mad or crazy.

The time when it came to me again in its most powerful form was when I was in hospital and in a coma as I had meningitis. I had lost half my body weight. I had gone into a hospital on a Monday and was aware of everything that was happening. But it was three weeks later that I woke again to see I could not move and my body was now like a skeleton and I was consumed by both panic and despair. I wanted more than anything to die, to be free of all this pain. Blobs of colour began to appear and make themselves known to me and infused me with a feeling of love and peace. I was told that this was not my time to check out of this life and that everything would be OK and that they were here to help me and that I was still to find the purpose that was in my life. I didn’t know it at the time what this was but for the next thirty years of my life this has been the guiding principle of everything that I have done. In time, I have come to understand that I am no more special than anyone else but that there is a deeper and more meaningful reason for my existence. I began to understand that I had a deeper connection with my own soul, my angels and that all of us are connected to something more powerful and meaningful than we can sometimes understand.

Through my life working and travelling the oceans and countries of the world, any difficulties I had as a human being, I tried to overcome them, but I came to the realisation that when I engaged and used my Spirit Guides and Angels, that if and when I followed the advice I was given my life moved more freely through problems and situations. All these became easier to understand and overcome. I still did not fully understand everything that was going on and I would have kept a lot of things to myself. But I always knew that I was protected and guided and in some ways I often tested this by putting myself into dangerous and often stupid situations. Each time, I moved through these without any damage to me or my life.

Once, after leaving Mexico, I had a very wounded heart. My business was gone. My faith in myself was gone. I teetered once more on the edge of life and death, even though I was still aware of my Guides and Angels but my ego was in full command and was trying to figure out it’s own way and this led me to years of despair. It was at this time that I went to a mind body festival and came across Reiki and found a teacher that I was comfortable with. From there I went on to be fully initiated into Reiki and became a teacher. My life turned around and all my experiences leading up to this were in some way a divine intervention and from there I began to learn and study Angels, the Cosmos, and began to really learn the different traditions of mysticism and how this can effect us and help us grow into our full spiritual and physical potential. Reiki by its nature allows you to open up to these greater energies and helps you to live your life with these higher energies vibrating through your life.

As human beings we are often kept on a more narrow path by our own human frailties and the demands of a corporeal ego. Our lives are often the struggle between opposites of darkness and light and it is this that keeps us limited as we struggle across this earthly plain. When we transcend this, the world becomes a more vast place full of a light that is more than we can imagine and we become much more infused with this higher consciousness. To get there I learned that the small ego had to be released and let go of and that the hurts I thought I had suffered and the hurts I inflicted on others all came up as things I had to let go of and reconcile myself more with the higher consciousness and the higher realms of our being.

This is something that I have learned is an ongoing process and that once you have tasted enlightenment it is something that can never be turned back. This world is often one of human things and it is this tension that I must always work at to overcome and bring more of the spiritual into my own life and the lives of those around me. I am a great believer that our paths are our own and that the meanings we can take from them only become fully apparent when we move to a higher self that transcends our human dilemmas. It is this that allows us to move past the merry go around. As Shakespeare said, we have all a part to play. Everyone has some part to play and it is this acceptance of our roles in life that allows us to either thrive or wither. Everything in our life is of value, all of our experiences have value but it is only in bringing and allowing the power of God into our life, that we fully see our journey and where we are and where we are going.

Angels are those beings that act as intermediary’s between us and the ultimate consciousness and in that way are the helpers that most of us seek out. Our Angels transmit prayers and messages to our lower selves to help us in our human lives and can bring to us practical help in our every day lives. When we tap into this it allows us to overcome and move through simple things in life. Some days, we just need a nudge left or right to take us to where we need to be. Sometimes a step to the side moves us out of the way of disaster. In our busy lives we often do not listen to the words of wisdom that are being communicated to us and we think sometimes these are our own voices and intuitions but when we take time to connect with nature, with what is higher than us, we realise that we are not the important ones, we are not the great ones, but in this humility we find ourselves part of something greater and it is this that can bring positive change to our world and the world around us.

If you ask people what is the most important part of Christmas, they will tell you that is the gift of giving that rewards them the most. It is the joy of seeing the delight in others that gives us so much. We each have within us a gift that we can pass on to others when we can bring our higher selves to the world. It is then that we can give freely of the gift that is within us and we can see the joy, the relief, the abundance that this can bring to others. This is what I think being human is all about. We join through the Angels with Heaven and God and bring these to the world. It could be through writing great poetry, making a meal, mowing the grass, sweeping the street, for all these things, simple and great bring beauty to the world. For we are all creators and it s here on earth that we can make our heaven on earth. This is how our lives can be more fulfilling, more at peace, and it is this that is our Divine right and purpose to do. The greatest sin on this world is when we do not bring our beauty to the world, for that is where we are afraid to show who we are. We are afraid to show our light to the world. We all have unique gifts. It might be as simple as smiling on entering a room. Everyone gets to bask in these simple things. These are the things that brings light to the world around us and the people in it. Our Angels are always there encouraging us to be happy. Even if you are in difficult and bad situations, when you realise that we are here as spiritual beings experiencing this temporal world, this knowledge takes the sting out of life and helps us to transcend the pain we find ourselves in and it gives us the sense of a greater purpose that makes this life more meaningful and joyful. A smile can light up someone’s life at just the right time. It is not for us to know the plan but it is for us to become part of the plan.

I remember reading one time that there are millions of unemployed Angels out there waiting for us to call on them. Big and small. Important, unimportant. Try to communicate and find out what the possibilities could be. Could you believe in this? Start with something small. What shirt will I wear today? What could I do today? Take some quiet time and see what happens. I find one of the best things to do at night before we sleep is to ask the angels for help in whatever situation comes to your life. How can I overcome? When I ask and seek an answer, we can then drift off to sleep with these questions in our mind and most times, I have often woken in the middle of the night to find the answer had come to me or that on awakening again the following morning, my mind was free and full of solutions when I had gone to bed with nothing but problems. We must ask for higher solutions to our human problems. Try this any time. With big things or small things.
Sometimes, we must go through the difficult times in life. It is only then that we find that deeper resource that is in us. It is only then that we find out truly who we are. These are things that should not be treated as problems but are opportunities to reach deeper into ourselves, to reach into the higher realm, to reach towards Angels and God. These problems are there according to the ability we have for asking for help to overcome these things. Open your heart to love and give thanks for any problems. To do this we need to move past the small sense of ourselves. Everything has something to teach us or show us. To understand this we need to be in our Divine self. Here we are free to see if our lives are sick, if poor bodies are sick, and how we can gain this higher perspective to see what we need to do, how we need to bring our spiritual power to overcome these situations. It is my journey and calling in life to help those around me see this and hear for themselves the messages that our Angels are always trying to communicate to us.



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