Angel Readings At The Celtic Ross Hotel

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What do my Angels want me to know? For some, this might be a question that is never asked and for others it might be a question you have to ask. Declan Kavanagh, Angel Reader, might just be the man to open up these channels within you. With a new website and a Summer residency at The Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarberry, Declan will be available there every Monday to guide people towards that inner Spiritual Realm where our own Guardian Angels watch over us and offer guidance and counsel in ways that on our own we might find hard to understand. With years of experience of communicating with Angels and a deep understanding of the Spiritual practices of Reiki and IET ( Integrated Energy Therapy ) Declan is now opening himself up to help and guide more and more people to a place within themselves that most have forgotten is there.

Originally from Dublin, Declan has lived and worked in West Cork for over twenty years. His own encounters with Angels began during a life threatening illness when he was in his early twenties. Through his travels around the world in the America’s and Asia, Declan learned in his own way how to deepen this communication with his own Angels and learned how to see these Spiritual beings in the people around him. When you sit with Declan, in peace and in quietness, it is his gift that will reveal the Guardians that watch over all of us and the messages they have for us to understand our path in life. It is no surprise that Declan finds himself in West Cork where his vocation has become stronger and stronger as this is a part of Ireland that has a deep spirituality embedded in the land and shores around the Wild Atlantic.

He will be available for readings between the hours of 11AM and 5PM every Monday at The Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarberry. For more information, you can contact him directly on 086 403 5426. It might be just what you are looking for.



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